Owner Spotlight:
Fredrik Lindell Garnaes – August 2017

Fredrik and Teres Garnaes live with their two children, Thodor and Tiril, just outside Oslo, Norway. The Garnaes are early adopters. Thodor and Tiril were in alpine skis by age one, and Fredrik became a pilot at an early age. The family was also quick to fall in love with The Grove Resort Residences in Orlando.

“When I saw The Grove, it stood out straight away being so close to Disney World. It was brand new, with amazing facilities. Nothing else could even compare in my mind,” said Fredrik. “We stayed there in March of this year and had a fantastic experience. We ended up investing in one of the units immediately, and we stayed in our own condo while we were there.”

Fredrik, Teres, Thodor and Tiril are an extremely close family and very active–enjoying lots of outdoor activities together. They bike in the Norwegian summers and cross country and alpine ski together in winter. They had already made several trips together to Florida to enjoy the warm weather and sunshine and were on the hunt for a new resort experience for the spring of 2017. That’s when they discovered The Grove Residences.

The Garnaes family are true trendsetters and early buyers. They are one of the first owners to stay in their own vacation home at The Grove

“After our first stay at The Grove Resort Residences, we were amazed by the things that made our vacation so special to us,” said Fredrik. “It was the staff! They really made us feel right at home. It felt like making new friends, and it was great to be a part of the family.”

Innovators like the Garnaes know ownership opportunities at The Grove Resort Residences are red hot, right now! “I think everyone who would like to invest in property should consider The Grove,” he said. “We were looking at investing in an apartment in Oslo, but when we found out that an investment at The Grove would be more profitable and at the same time we would be able to use it as a vacation home, we had no doubts.”

And, Fredrik tells us he considers his family’s vacation home in The Grove Resort Residences more than just a financial opportunity. “I have only spoken about an investment in terms of being profitable money-wise, but it is certainly also an investment in family,” he said. “Creating memories together and sharing amazing experiences as a family is actually the best investment there is, and The Grove Resort Residences gives you both.”

Check out a video of the Garnaes family’s experience at The Grove: